ZERO by 40 is a ground-breaking initiative, that brings together the world’s leading agriculture companies, to collaborate to find new ways of developing innovative vector control tools to help eradicate malaria by 2040.

As part of this initiative, IVCC set out to analyse the potential economic and societal impact of malaria on rural communities, across sub-Saharan Africa. The result is this research, by Derek W. Willis PhD and Nick Hamon PhD, which explores how the prevalence of malaria can have a major influence on not just health but also wider aspects of rural life, such as poverty rates, labour productivity, education and gender equality.

With an improved understanding of the impact eradicating malaria can have on people living in these regions, the importance and relevance for collaborative efforts to develop and deploy effective vector control tools, through initiatives such as ZERO by 40, is clearly demonstrated.

Gates Research: Potential impact on health, labor productivity, education and gender equality PDF
Gates Research: Potential impact on poverty rates among agricultural households in Africa
Gates Research: Potential impact on agricultural household income in sub-Saharan Africa
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The Global Impact of Malaria Eradication: A Summary